Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Hannah's Beach Resort and Convention Center

Although this blog has been inactive for about 10 months now, I've decided to reopen it because I just had to post a review of Hannah's Beach Resort in Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte.

When we checked out their website before leaving Manila, we got the impression that we were paying a premium to be in an idyllic, relaxing venue that would be just what everyone needed to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Alas, nothing could be farther from the truth. In the more than 10 hours that we travelled from Manila (including an overnight stay in Vigan) we hardly encountered any congestion in the roads leading up to Pagudpud. That is, until we were just a few hundred meters away from Hannah's. The narrow dirt road leading up to the resort was lined with cars parked end to end so much so that only one direction could move at any given time. Either somebody lacked the foresight about how this would destroy the beach environment or are just too greedy counting their profits to care about how they're spoiling a potential world-class destination.

Photo by JB Macatulad

Speaking of greed, what we would encounter at Hannah's boggles the mind. They tout their resort as a "convention center" but charge Php75 an hour(!) for wi-fi. They don't allow outside food and drinks but don't even provide their guests with a couple of complimentary bottles of water to quench them upon arrival. The food was terrible and the prices atrocious. To put things in perspective, a cup of extra rice cost Php35 and what they served us wasn't even cooked well! Don't even get me started on the Chicken Afritada which you could probably get from one of the unpretentious carinderias just outside their gates for a tenth of the price. What they don't realize is that charging a premium for food and drinks should at least be justifiable by the quality of both the food and service, which were both sorely lacking. Also, I couldn't remember the last time I paid so much for a room that did not include a complimentary breakfast. Oh, and while you eat you're in for a ghastly karaoke serenade from a horrible singer.

While we're on the subject of karaoke, while we were there they emptied out the enclosed karaoke room and placed the machine in the pool area, converting the former into a dormitory. If you were unfortunate enough to be in a room near there (as many of ours were) you'd be in for quite a rude awakening. Also on rudeness, I read a traveladvisor.com review of one guest who had one of the staff barging in their room without even knocking while they were being intimate. We know that staff would enter our room without our knowledge because the items we got from the so-called mini bar were already in our bill even before we left. Thing is, they don't even make up the beds or clean up when they do so.

Tacky decor with no thought for customer convenience, inutile staff, a refrigerator plugged right beside your bed where your feet would be, guests swimming in the (cloudy) pool in their shorts and t-shirts despite signs requiring proper swimming attire, the list of rants is endless.

Someone once told me that "a satisfied customer will tell five friends; a dissatisfied one will tell fifty." I certainly hope at least as much would be able to read this before they make the mistake of booking what they anticipate would be a wonderful stay. At least one thing's for sure: that at least 26 people (which was how big our group was) will never be going back nor recommend this place to any of our friends. That's at least 52 thumbs down!


  1. great review rock and spot on! they charged PHP 75 for wifi?! i didn't even know that. grabe, i've never heard of anyone charging for wi-fi before.

    love this quotation too: "a satisfied customer will tell five friends; a dissatisfied one will tell fifty." that's so true! :)

  2. right on the money rocky, great review! i too, was unaware of the other charges....unbelievable! i was so ready to throw a hissy fit had they started giving me grief upon check out but the agent was all smiles and full of pep -- the only saving grace to an otherwise nightmare of a place.

    oh and you should keep blogging!

  3. Dissatisfied is an understatement. We're leaning more towards disgruntled! Curses don't have a place in decent blogs such as this but that's all Hannah's deserves. Sincerely. Like I mentioned to everyone, the food and drinks at Hannah's are effectively more expensive than Boracay Shangri-La where wi-fi and breakfast are free.

  4. brooke! what a coincidence to read your post here. got the link from carlosceldran about how this resort sucks and geesh, from the sound of it, it does! but i guess the reason why they are expensive even though they dont deliver is because the resort is advertised as 'a truly VIRGIN paradise' :P

  5. Thanks for the review! We were in Pagudpud last year and we stay in the Apo Idon resort, we just stayed overnight since we stayed with relatives in San Nicolas. They upgraded our room (maybe bec it was off peak) and got welcome drinks

  6. You guys should check out Club Monet Beachfront Resort, it's a hidden gem in Cabangan, Zambales :)


  7. i did not know that ...thank you for the headsup

  8. All these comments are not well founded. First of ll, there is no other BEACH resort in the pagudpud area, by beach i mean BEACHFRONT, as extensive as Hannah's! Second of all, this is the closest you can get to a 4 or 5 star in that area! The views to the resort and from the resort are astonishing! The best pools ( one is an infinity pool ) where you could just spend endless days by the bar. The bartenders were prompt and knew what hard licor means lol..... the rooms that surround the pool were adequate and there was a van that can pick you up to and from the restaurant. It is such a large place that having the pick up service was really great. Although room service was prompt, I preferred to walk around the resort to enjoy the most amazing views. Food was good. There were a lot of water sports you could choose from, ATV, the zip - line was the best I had ever been on! I highly recommend this resort !

  9. yup, Id rather go to a 3 star resort that acts like a 5 star, rather than go to a supposed 3 star but is really a 1 star like the rest of the hotels and resorts in Pagudpud....Hannah's resort was the best I've been in the area!