Tuesday, June 1, 2010

In The Beginning...

So here it is, at the behest of my friend, my first foray into the blogging world. Unable to focus on a single topic or field of interest, I've decided that this will be a potpourri of thoughts, experiences, reviews and what not from a thirtysomething single male living somewhere in the Far East.

I have no particular field of specialization, nor a mastery of ideas but what one will most likely find is a sporadic output of content from a wide range of interests, particularly those that are of interest to me.

Having recently passed the midway point of being in my thirties, this heralds a new chapter that I hope eventual readers would find engaging. I don't aim to be insightful or authoritative, but here's hoping that it'll at least be a good read.



  1. Congratulation Rocky & good luck...maybe nga, this is your calling :) Enjoy blogging

  2. I remember when I just started blogging, I was so excited to enter the blogging world and to meet new people. It was really nice to get your first comments on your posts and to wake up the next day and see more unique visitors drop by. Next time you notice, you are now exchanging links with your blogging friends and dropping entrecards. Hopefully this blog will last and gain a lots of followers. Good luck friend.